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Settlement Prices

Exchange staff will determine Daily Settlement Prices using the average weighted price of outright trades executed on ELX during the Settlement Period established by the Exchange; provided however, if the Exchange believes that this price is not an accurate representation of the relevant market, the Exchange can determine the settlement price based on other market prices including data for identical futures contracts on other Designated Contract Markets, the midpoint of the range of the bid ask prices posted at the end of the Settlement Period, relevant cash market data and, only if necessary the most recent previous settlement price.

ELX settlement prices will generally be consistent with, although not necessarily identical to, those settlement prices for identical futures contracts on other Designated Contract Markets, except where different market conditions or other factors do not permit such consistency. Unless specifically noted in a contract’s rules, this rule shall apply to all contracts on all Business Days.

Contract Group Contract Codes Settlement Period
Eurodollar Futures GEE Regular Schedule:
2:59:30 p.m. - 3:00:00 p.m. ET

Final settlement prices for relevant contract on the Last Trading Day will be determined according to ELX Rule IX-106(j).

Refer to ELX Holiday Schedule for changes to the settlement periods listed above.